Ceram Ara

The company's major customers: Alvand Tile Company - Business alvares - Tabriz Tile Co. - Business Pasargadae - Classic - Marlik - Asfya’ - Krabn Tabriz Licenses and Certificates: Application of standard compulsory license number 7613364868 dated 06/24/86 ISO9001:2008 ISO9001: 2008 - Quality management - IMQ April 1390 of the Italian IMQ Company Address and Phone Numbers : Fax Corporation (head office and factory): A - Central Office: Tehran - St. Gharani - shadab Street - No. 33 - Tel: 021-88891045,88915475,88915479 : B - Plant: – Qazvin - Alborz Industrial City - Sina Street South Fax: 0282-2229911,2238881,2244005 Ceramara in the market place 1-Brand Ceramara: With regard to quality and diversified products, Ceramara are several years as a producer is entitled to a special place. 2-Innovation: The world production, which might have been permanent. 3-Quality: a correct calibration of high standard products. 4-Variation of production, print production, press and glass that less can be manufactured at the company has three product categories. 5-Net sales: Ceramara among the largest customers and suppliers and quality brands on the market are. 6-Promoting knowledge: Given the current market situation, many companies with foreign companies investing in tile manufacturers to produce their third cooking. Young and dynamic force, dynamic force active with high experience and long history of administering the company is working . Place in the category of being in the top of the Holding Company's major customers are families with Shsta and cohort tiles (Alvand tiles and tile Pars) security in the portfolio company's customers to create better care. Premier Properties ceramara High diversity: over 400 diversified manufacturing company ceramara transcoding products and ceramic tile decor. New production technology: high technology company ceramara to equip Europe to be able to produce any product is ceramic tile. We are keeping pace with advanced countries in the world ceramic tile production Powerful design team: ceramara companies with having strong design team, along with modern design and leading in Europe and also with regard to Iranian tastes, a wide range of designs from traditional to modern-day Italy and the projects will generate. We will claim that any customer without their consent and by the optimal design of Ceram votes will be removed. Store design - a new move: The company is 87 years since the beginning of a new field of its activities in three-dimensional design and ceramic tile shops and exhibitions began. We have the best ideas in the new décors and ceramic tile as well as having its own strong design team, have already completed the design of over 10 stores and a step in the supply of ceramic tile in the country ceramara Industries, a very wide range of products produced. Types of decor tiles, insert, band, parts special pieces, London, and glass with a wide range of different effects caused by the less one is able to taste the products we can find. The company currently produces more than 200 active projects and 50 projects in the laboratory is under construction and preparation laboratory, and is constantly updated. Types of products are as follows. inserts borders Special pieces Complete package

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